So what do I do first?

First you need to book a room.  Click on Book Now and choose a date and time that you and some friends can come try out our puzzle room.  Try to arrive early - we start on time and if you are late, we can't let you in.  As soon as your session is available, we will unlock the door for you.  

You've let me in, now what?

 You will be given a waiver to sign and then we will tell you what you have to do to win, followed by a video of the rules.  Then the timer will be set and you will need to start searching for clues to solving the puzzles.  The game is linear - when you solve one puzzle, you will be given items necessary to complete the next puzzle.  You'll have 60 minutes to complete the room.  If you are having difficulty you can request a hint by ringing the bells placed around the room.  We'll have 1930s music playing and if the goal doesn't give you a sense of urgency, the music will.  Trust me - I had it playing when I was building the room.  Whether you win or lose, we will take pictures of your group so we can post this on our website and Facebook page.  If you didn't make it within the 60 minutes, we'll give you a discount for another session if you want to try it again.