What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are live-action team-based games where players discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time.  If you would like a history lesson, click below:

Is it SCARY? 

No, not at all.  


Is there a ghost?

Sometimes.  But you will be too busy to notice her.  Don't worry, if she comes around we won't point her out until after your session is over.


Do I need to know cryptography / biology / paranormology / meteorology to solve the puzzles? 

I sure hope not.  If so, we made a mistake designing the puzzles.  All of our puzzles can be solved using clues in the room and on the puzzles themselves. 


Am I locked in the room? 

No, and there will always be an employee of GR8 Escapes Arkansas there in case something should happen.  


Can I leave in the middle of a session? 

Yes you can, but for fairness we can't let you back in.  For all we know you went outside and took a course in lock picking.

Speaking of... Do I need to know how to lock pick? 

Not at all.  You would only be ruining the experience for yourself and others.  Hey wait a minute, who told you there were locks in the room?


I showed up late and the door was locked.  Can I come in? 

Sorry!  The first five to ten minutes we give you the rules and instructions.  After that the game starts.  We can't be giving instructions to someone while the game is in progress.  Very distracting.  Besides, they will want to know why you were late.  However, if your whole team is late, we can let you in within the first ten minutes.  IF YOUR TEAM IS MORE THAN 10 MINUTES LATE YOU'LL NEED TO RESCHEDULE YOUR GAME.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  We have a strict schedule we must follow.  

So can I get my money back? 

Sure, as long as you ask at least 24 hours before your session time.  That gives the last minute people a chance to get into a room.


I didn't book all 8 people.  Are you going to stick strangers in the room with us? 

Well of course we are.  Nothing better than watching strangers working in a team.  But, if you want ONLY YOUR PEOPLE to be in the room, you will need to book a private room, even if you don't bring the maximum number of people.


How old do I need to be to play? 

Old enough to be able to solve a word puzzle.  We take children as young as 8, however, we prefer ages 10 and up.

Can I book a private session at a time when you are normally closed? 

Of course you can!  Who would we be if we didn't allow people to get together and have fun?  TEAM building is common for escape rooms, as well as private birthday parties (and other parties).  Just drop us a line at keymaster@gr8escapesar.com and let us know when and how many will be attending.  We'll work out the details with you.


I've heard rumors that you post my picture on your website and Facebook.  What if I'm on the lam and don't want to be seen? 

Let us know.  We can place a crazy cartoon head over your head before we post it.  We post whether you win or lose so you at least get the notoriety. 

This is a really cool room and I want to show my friends how it looks.  Can I take pictures while we are playing?

Certainly not!  Just like the SAT and ACT, the answers are secret.  If you take pictures you might jeopardize our game and ruin the game for other people that have never played.  At the end of the game we can help you take any pictures that you want.  IF YOU ARE CAUGHT TAKING PICTURES OF THE ROOM WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION, YOU WILL BE EXPELLED FROM THE GAME WITHOUT A REFUND