Just who is GR8 Escapes Arkansas?

They are a couple of people, Ernie Godsey and Debra Davis, that love to play escape rooms.  And true to the nature of a couple of old fogeys, they bicker about how to run the room.  But that's not important.  Here's their background.  Ernie is an Electrical Engineer with primary emphasis in computers and computer based systems.  And an IT manager.  Or at least was, until he found his true gift of creating games for other people to play.  Now he spends his time dreaming up new ideas and puzzles for the rooms.  Debra, on the other hand, is retired.  But that doesn't stop her from giving a hand (when she can) to Ernie or at least disagreeing with him on occasion so that he will see the error in his ways.  Debra's background is in interior decorating and she loves to scour the local thrift stores for new pieces that she can shabby chic.  She brings the decorating sense to their business and when you visit you will be amazed at how you can step back in time.  She is really good at the cobwebs.  Trust me, I know.  And she knows how to make them grow - even if they are artificial.  Ernie and Debra - a couple of people with similar interests and completely different backgrounds coming together to create one of the most interesting escape rooms in Arkansas.